Sat. Sep 30th, 2023


Working alone at the bar in order to approach groups of women can be an ordeal if you have no one helping you… this is where the “wingman” comes in.

The true purpose of having a wingman is so that once you have engaged a group of two women, you wingman can “occupy” one of the friends while you isolate the other friend for a more intimate conversation. When you are opening a group of two women alone… if can be difficult to isolate just the one girl while the other girl hangs out by herself (but there are tactics …

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So you don’t have a girlfriend.

Let me ask you a question… why do you want a girlfriend?

That’s right… WHY?

Well, let me answer the question for you. As a man, the reason why you want a girlfriend is because you want SEX!

That’s right, I don’t care what you say, I don’t care what you think… SEX is practically the only real reason WHY you want a girlfriend. Secondarily yes, you may want a girlfriend for fun, excitment & meaning in life… but primarily the sole reason WHY you want a girlfriend is to have SEX.…

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Andy: Yeah, the way that I really saw going out during the nighttime was strictly as a training tool. It was only to get over your approach anxiety and a lot of guys just need the proof in their own mind that, yes, I can do it. But, like you say, the sweet spot really is during the daytime. But one thing I did want to mention, is you’ve been talking a lot about time management. Now can you please tell a little bit more about what you mean by time management with this?…

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It’s often been said that “nice guys finish last,” that women won’t respect a guy who is too attentive, affectionate, and devoted. Some even go so far as to assume that since they were nice, and a woman rejected him, that all women must like jerks. They wonder why women seem to like jerks. Then they start acting like jerks hoping it will work for them.…

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