Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

It is relatively hard to know exactly what to wear to look as attractive as possible with so many choices out there, and all of the music artists, actors, etc. which cload your mind by making you believe you should copy what they wear, while in reality they are the only people who can pull off wearing such flashy set-ups without looking stupid. So after alot of thought, research, and trial and error, I think I’ve whipped up the perfect recipe to help you spark the ladies’ interest by wearing the right kind of gear. Let’s start with the most …

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Meeting and seducing women is a glorious EXPERIMENT.

And the guys that succeed best are the guys who have the Experimental Mind.

To be successful with women, you should have your mind in a learning mode.

Even if you totally bomb out with a particular woman, it is not a failure. Rather, it was a grand experiment that didn’t end the way you wanted it to. But it is still a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Take what you learned about the experience and use it to YOUR advantage for next time. No harm, no foul- a big experiment, that’s all.…

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If you are prone to jealousy, you might speculate about what you think your partner is doing now and might do in the future. You need to realize that your feelings about your partner are the issue, not your partner.

When you are jealous, everything is a forgone conclusion for you. You are sure your importance in your partner’s eyes has been diminished. You are certain that you will lose her if you don’t put a stop to her “extracurricular” activities. Because of your fears and insecurities, losing her is the only future you can envision.…

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So you’re tired of being alone and tired of being rejected? Tired of asking women for their phone numbers and being given “1-800-Get-Lost”?

If you truly want to get more phone numbers and more dates, then you have to make a change in how you approach the whole dating thing. It’s not that you’ve been a failure; it’s just that your past techniques haven’t worked very well for you.…

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Changing your attitude in awkward environments

Say you don’t like clubs. Most guys don’t, because most guys have a had a number of negative experiences in them (even if the worst that ever happened was you saw some shmuck leave with a lady and you went home with your hand).

Using the same exercise, instead of focusing on something you said or did, focus on your ATTITUDE when you enter the club.

Then, rewind to walking in the door, or just before that girl gave you the cold shoulder, or whatever you choose as the marker for when the NEGATIVE …

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The Rules of Attraction

A MAJOR MISTAKE THAT MEN MAKE is feeling insecure. They think that they must call and keep in touch with a woman at all times. Don’t do the same thing! Men that are unpredictable do something that is almost MAGIC. Think about the great women-magnets of the big screen, like the character of James Bond or Indiana Jones. What woman wouldn’t want to be with someone who appears one way on the outside, yet hides the rugged spontaneity of an adventurer beneath? These guys are never insecure! That’s because they lead an exciting life, and women …

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Let’s talk about this for a moment.

Do you spend your life dreaming of the day you can finally go to the gym and work out?

Do you believe that weight lifting machines are sacred, beautiful things which should be worshipped and adored, and if they like you, THEN you’ll be allowed to work out on them?…

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The Mindset 3 min read

“I just want to be nice to her and love her…”

“I want to treat her like a princess”

“If only she knew what a nice guy I was, then she’d like me!”

  • Every AFC to have ever lived

The fact that you are reading this is a step in the right direction. You are a recovering AFC. Don’t be afraid to admit it, we were all there at one time or another. We understand. But you are different, because you have come here to try and change that.…

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