Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

How many years did I have to suffer through the agony of wanting to be in love and be in purpose? Because to be human means you are always divided. You are always needed in two worlds. You will always want to be in love because in love is where you touch your soul, the deepest core of surrender that you can, it’s where you get fucked the way you want, it’s where he and I meet and know God together. It’s where everything aches fervently and deeply and it’s ok. Yearning as breathing, as eating, as sleeping. …

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Ok, the title is pretty self-explanatory… and it’s a pressing issue for guys and their abilities to attract a girlfriend. So, once more for the record:

When it comes to attracting women and getting a girlfriend… LOOKS DON’T MATTER.

If you haven’t heard this before, then this will be a revelation for you (as it was for me when I first heard it)… and if you HAVE heard it before, well now I’ll just explain to you exactly WHY such is the case… and HOW to use it to your advantage.…

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I’m sitting here at work, busy txting a few girls and I’ve just noticed a very important tactic that I use to build rapport and attraction with women. This “tactic” really has to do with making a conversation “fun and exciting”… INSTANTLY.

The reason this is important, and I’ve repeated this many times over, is because at the end of the day, women are most importantly looking for emotional stimulation and if you give it to her, she will love you for it. Now, the easiest and quickest way to provide emotional stimulation is to turn a conversation “fun …

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Working alone at the bar in order to approach groups of women can be an ordeal if you have no one helping you… this is where the “wingman” comes in.

The true purpose of having a wingman is so that once you have engaged a group of two women, you wingman can “occupy” one of the friends while you isolate the other friend for a more intimate conversation. When you are opening a group of two women alone… if can be difficult to isolate just the one girl while the other girl hangs out by herself (but there are tactics …

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There is only ONE word to describe what provides you with great skills with women.

And that one word is… EXPERIENCE.

Experience with women comes from getting into interactions & getting into relationships. The more experience you have with women, the greater success you will have with women… and this is especially true when it comes to sustaining long-term relationships.…

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One of Mystery’s first students was renowned author Neil Strauss, who went by the community name of “Style”. Neil join the community to improve on his dismal skills with women and to evaluate the possibility of writing a book on the people of this secret community.

Neil, or “Style”, became extremely accomplished in approaching women, seducing women, how to flirt and social dynamics and eventually became a teacher himself.

Project Hollywood was born. Mystery, Style, Juggler, Herbal, Tyler Durden and others rented a mansion in the Hollywood hills and started teaching hundreds and hundreds of students. Other lairs and projects …

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