Sat. Sep 30th, 2023


There is only ONE word to describe what provides you with great skills with women.

And that one word is… EXPERIENCE.

Experience with women comes from getting into interactions & getting into relationships. The more experience you have with women, the greater success you will have with women… and this is especially true when it comes to sustaining long-term relationships.…

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One of Mystery’s first students was renowned author Neil Strauss, who went by the community name of “Style”. Neil join the community to improve on his dismal skills with women and to evaluate the possibility of writing a book on the people of this secret community.

Neil, or “Style”, became extremely accomplished in approaching women, seducing women, how to flirt and social dynamics and eventually became a teacher himself.

Project Hollywood was born. Mystery, Style, Juggler, Herbal, Tyler Durden and others rented a mansion in the Hollywood hills and started teaching hundreds and hundreds of students. Other lairs and projects …

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dating15 Being a Challenge 2 min read

Seduction experts believe that being a challenge is important when seducing women. A lot of this is due to psychology – people want what they can’t have. For example, think about the girl that had a crush on you but then starts going out with a different guy. Let me guess: all of a sudden you find yourself lusting for her. When you don’t easily give in to a person who has feelings for you, often they will want you more and work harder to get you. If you agree with this, there are ways you can use this to …

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Kino, or the art of touching, is practiced when seducing women to create a stronger connection and an aura of sexuality. Think about that one women you know where for whatever reason, when your hands brush it sends a shiver up your spine. Or think about that one women showing how confident and sensual she is by always locking arms with you, or holding your hand, or giving you a tight hug. Touch, in its most basic form, is just simply one of the man’s five senses. But in its details, touch allows a full range of emotions and meanings. …

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Socializing 2 min read

Socializing is one of the most important skills a man can master because the benefits are endless. A very social person has high-quality friends, knows everyone, and can easily adapt to new situations. Think about how reassuring it would be to have friends who are always there for you in times of good and bad. Think about how useful it could be to be friends with the stockbroker, the butcher, the barber, and the dry-cleaner. And think about how great it would feel to walk into a company party and instnatly become the life of it.…

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Girlfriend Snatcher 3 min read

I know this girl that already has a boyfriend, but she treats me better than she treats him. She flirts with me but I refuse to flirt back because I think that it’s wrong. We seem to talk very well too. What should i do?…

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This is a conversation that took place in the newly added Player’s Chat Room, and I think many of you may find it to be interesting and/or helpful.

Turner: Yo guys, whats the best lies, as in not telling the truth, to tell women to get them going. I’ve often seen the “Im successful and rich” approach work the best for one nighters, what you guys have?…

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Damaged Goods 3 min read

To begin with. I don’t want to “play” this woman but definitely want “it” to happen when the timing is right.

She is at the beginning stages of a divorce. She’s talked about it openly to me and it’s headed down that path of ‘going to get worse before it get’s better’ divorces. My reservations are the things I want to protect in my life. (e.g. don’t need an angry soon to be ex showing up on my door step)…

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